Our story begins with an avid passion for Tennis, shared by a”Tennis Dad”, Will, who meets Viv, the  Tennis Director. We were two tennis junkies that couldn’t stop discussing the future of American tennis. Our keen focus was to improve the logistical problems that coaches and parents face on the tennis circuit. We decided, why not create a place where we can build the opportunities to overcome the majority of tennis challenges families encounter.

As we started looking for answers, we decided to develop a top notch training academy with a team that collectively shares a passion for player development. Our vision was to produce an ideal environment for tennis families that offers the ‘Next Level’ experience by establishing cutting edge programs, developing character, training world class athletes and connecting to a global tennis community. Our aspirations became the key driver for the dream idea that was to become ‘Next Level Tennis’.

We have invested in world class coaches ranging from grand slam champions, Top 50 WTA players, D1 All- Americans, and NCAA rookies of the year. Our coaches are expert professionals representing ‘What Tennis in the USA’ should be when training more than 100 players that can win national and international tournaments. The Majority of our Pros have coached at one of the four USTA Regional Training Center and served as National Coaches.

Our facility with 22 courts has a ‘family oriented’ feel hosting our core group of coaches and employees who have worked together for almost 5 years. We understand our team’s strength and without their support and belief in our dream this project would not be possible.

The core of every successful business solves a problem;  our goal from the start has been to create a program that supports: Coach/parent/Athlete relationship by giving them the right pathway so they can achieve  their goals either playing as a professional or earning a NCAA scholarship. We couldn’t be more energized for this adventure

Please join us on our Journey!