In her passtime, Barbara is a devoted yogi who finds delight in exploring new ways to exercise and workout.  She speaks multiple languages and loves sharing her passion for the arts with all her students. When ever she has extra time she enjoys to sing her church choir and spend time with her children and two dogs.


Barbara D'Antonio Phillips is a lifetime entrepreneur and Human Resource Talent Management Specialist. Her background includes International Insurance, 20 years experience in the wine industry as a Sommelier and Retail Wine Expert.  As a specialist in Global Capital Management, Barbara brings innovative insights and leadership programs to Next Level Tennis. Barbara is an active member of several civic organizations. She serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Sommelier Society of America in New York City, Women In Leadership for Latino Executives and SIA (Sustainable Initiatives and Alliances for Africa).  Barbara also co-founded the Second Avenue Business Association (SABA) in New York City to assist small businesses owned by minorities. Barbara has also been a parent to three full time junior tennis players, designing a framework of academic strategies to develop a balanced and uniquely curated experience. Barbara brings an open-minded approach and action oriented perspective to academic programs developed at Next Level Tennis.  Barbara’s role as Academic Director encompasses special attention to each student with specific expertise in strategic leadership development. Her new student initiatives offer a well rounded project management approach to the experience of virtual online learning and the athletic development that must be aligned with each student’s pathway.