It is impossible to know if a player is getting better if you don’t know where they started.  We follow a constant process of Assess-Review-Training-Tracking-ReAssess, which allows us to constantly know the exact areas that need to be improved based on the current demands of their tennis schedule.  Many different factors will have an affect on a players tennis success, and therefore need to be assessed and tracked. All players will initially go through a Fitness Assessment that pinpoints their speed and agility, strength and power and conditioning needs.  Some athletes may be limited in their abilities due to current or past injuries and will therefore be put through a full body injury screen. Upon completion of the injury screen, the athlete will go through a functional movement screen to identify tennis specific movement patterns that may have contributed to these injuries.

Often times more detailed and high-level assessments are needed for particular athletes.  These include, but are not limited to, nutritional analysis, hydration profiling, sweat & electrolyte analysis, lactate profiling, performance blood work, body imaging and scans, and orthopedic evaluations.  In these cases, our staff works hand in hand with the Kovacs Institute for the performance related assessments and Dr. Neeru Jayanthi for the injury related assessments. Upon completion of these assessments, a unified pathway is created to align all aspects of the athletes development.