We are very proud of our program and what our coaches have achieved. We develop young leaders and proficient players who will earn admission into the best athletic programs and top academic schools. Next Level Tennis guides its students to reach their top goals, which include D1 scholarships.  For the past three years, our programs have consecutively created the top 2 to 3 best recruits in the nation. We individually mentor all our players, between a 7 to 12 UTR, towards their best targeted college and team experience. Our philosophy believes an academic education is as equally important as tennis, therefore our students consistently attend Ivy League schools. Our mission takes years of effort and sacrifices, by players, parents and coaches. Next Level Tennis builds its foundation on the support behind this effort. Our experienced group of coaches and strong management team continue to design the best pathway for success. If you would like to be a candidate for a D1 scholarship or to play at the highest level you can achieve, join us at ‘Next Level Tennis’ and live the ‘Academy’ experience. Our talented coaches and outstanding staff are here to offer you the best program in the country.